Digital Insurance

Commoditised commercial risks can be offered to small, medium and micro enterprises via digital channel, building up on existing supply chain while further strengthening them, making them more efficient, scalable, profitable and resilient.

Our platform can reduce sales effort and cost for commoditised commercial insurance by more than 90%, making insurance business for small, medium and micro enterprises not just profitable but lucrative.

Digital channel opens new high margin, high growth and scalable revenue channels for your business.

Can you afford to stand by while digital insurance transforms the industry?

How does it work?

Customer Browses Products

Customer browses the insurance products displayed on the digital insurance portal

Your effort is ZERO

Adds Product to the Cart & Answers Questionnaire

Customer adds the desired products to the cart and answers the relevant questionnaire

Your effort is ZERO

Gets a Quotation

A personalised quotation is provided to the customer

Your effort is ZERO

Places Order

Customer reviews the products in the cart and places the order

Your effort is ZERO

Payment is Collected & Policy Document is Issued

Payment is collected using credit / debit card and policy documents and invoices are issued automatically within seconds.

Your effort is ZERO

Buying Insurance is as easy as buying a book on Amazon

Distribution Schemes

Whether you are a Broker / Insurer / MGA looking for efficient distribution channel with your Binders / Placing Brokers or an Insurer / MGA looking for scalable distribution channel with your Brokers, our platform can be configured to suit your distribution scheme. We can enable digital channel at every or selective distribution nodes with custom branding.

Benefits / Value summary

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