CRM with Lead Scoring

CRM Marketing Automation

Sales Infinite CRM with Marketing Automation platform provides you comprehensive marketing automation capabilities. You can draft rich html based email contents and personalise them with mail-merge before sending them to your marketing targets.

Our CRM with lead scoring / engagement scoring engine keeps you informed in real time about the engagement level of your audience. It helps you to filter the most engaged audience at any given time, allowing you to send further targeted personalised communications as needed.

You can also follow up with the most engaged audience with phone calls using our telephone marketing features. We have made calling much easier with click to call support. Click a link and you are connected. Deliver that perfected marketing pitch every time with our call scripting functionality.

Our comprehensive marketing dashboards give you insight into marketing ROI in real time.

Having all these features fully integrated into our CRM platform enhances organisation efficiency. Generating a qualified lead from your marketing campaign takes just one click. Past marketing engagements are always available when you are viewing a relevant person's or an organisation's record.

Our platform enables your marketing and sales team to work very closely for maximum benefits to your business.