CRM with Invoicing

CRM with Invoicing

Sending your invoices to your customers in a timely manner couldn't have been easier and more efficient.

Sales Infinite platform is a CRM with invoicing capability that can generate electronic invoices and email them to your customers. Invoices are automatically consolidated across multiple sale orders so your customers need not worry about several invoices in the same month.

Invoices are drafted with your branded templates and they become a natural extension of your brand.

You need not worry if your services are invoiced on subscription basis, Sales Infinite can also send your subscription invoices to your customers on periodic basis automatically.

You can also mark your invoices as paid once your customers have paid them. And if they don't then you can utilise the workflow features to follow up with them automatically.

If you prefer to integrate Sales Infinite CRM invoicing with your accounting double-ledger system for even higher efficiency, we can help you do that too.